Field Trips at the Museum: Self-Guided Plus Add-On Experiences

School kids talk to a Raptor Free Flight keeper who is holding a raptor on her glove


您可以借助推荐一个买球网站的下载程序之一进行参观 field guides, and add an up-close live animal program or Stingray Touch experience. 你的学生将享受现实世界的发现 适应性、结构 & 功能、生态、生态系统和保护问题.


Help your students prepare for their field trip by showing them this short video, 这就解释了他们将在博物馆看到和学到什么, what the Museum environment will be like and how to behave to get the most out of their visit. 请把这个链接也分享给你的监护人.


Want a more focused, standards-based experience for your students but are short on time? The 沙漠探险者剧场项目 是一个很好的选择! This interactive, multi-media program features up-close encounters with our live animal ambassadors! Your students will leave the theater ready to use all their senses to continue discovering how plants and animals survive and thrive in our desert environment. The program accommodates large groups in just thirty minutes, 所以学生们有足够的时间去探索博物馆. Download the 《推荐一个买球网站》实地指南 (and Answer Key),供你在博物馆探险时使用!

营业时间:周二至周五. at 11:00 a.m.
Grades: K-12
亚利桑那科学标准:L1 & L2



The Gulf of California is an essential part of the Sonoran Desert. Discover our connections to the ocean with this captivating immersion experience. 在简短的介绍之后, your students will be able to experience the thrill of watching and being touched by a stingray!

Offered: 7 days a week; any time during 展览开放时间.
Length: May be limited during busy seasons; groups may need to wait in line to enter.

Reservations for the school/youth rate are limited to groups of 10 or more people and are granted based on availability. 团体必须参加 as a group. The instructor/teacher or leader should come to the ticket window to pay for and/or check in the entire group. 迟到者将支付相应的罚款 individual rate -不是折扣率.
Important: Additional adults who are not listed in the initial reservation and arrive on the day of the field trip will incur the 博物馆标准入场费.
学校/青少年组的比率将会 not 对提交的预订表示尊重 提前少于15天 您所要求的最早日期.

从8月1日开始, 2024, 参观价格将有所变化:学生和监护人每人8美元, Title 1 $4pp, 额外成人每人$10. Thank you for understanding as we strive to enhance our services.

Purchase orders are accepted and must be received at least 7 business days from making your reservation and emailed to 支票付款, credit card, or cash (in one lump sum) will be collected at the ticket window when you arrive. Discount coupons and guest passes cannot be combined with the school/youth group rate.

Snacks and lunches are allowed only in the picnic area and food must remain in vehicles until ready to eat. Fourteen picnic tables are available in our lunch ramada next to the bus-loading zone. 通常华美达酒店的座位都是先到先得. During busy times it may be necessary for us to schedule school lunch times. Scheduled lunch times may depend on your time of arrival/departure and other factors. Due to tighter schedules, schools with Education programming will receive priority. 可能会安排几个小组一起吃饭. The Museum is not able to store lunches, backpacks, or any personal belongings during your visit. 场地上允许携带水瓶.

野餐华美达预订: 由于它的受欢迎程度和座位容量, 推荐一个买球网站不能保证可用性, 但推荐一个买球网站会尽一切努力满足你们的要求. Additionally, reservation requests will receive a field trip reminder with approved reservation within 7 days of your visit.

就餐选择 are available for elementary school/youth groups at our Ironwood Terraces Restaurant, 联系Anna Boudoin

Supervision: 推荐一个买球网站要求每7名K-12年级的学生有1名监护人. Any adult above required ratio will be charged the Additional Adult admission fee. Important 在你到达之前, 为他们的学生小组分配监护人. 一旦签到,小组应该是小组. 团体应该从不同的方向参观场地. Chaperones are responsible for behavior of students in their group. 监护人必须一直和他们的同伴在一起. All chaperones are expected to read and adhere to the chaperone guidelines.


小组里的每个人都应该有 胶粘剂面前 写上他们的名字和学校或组织的名称.

如果一个学生/青年是 丢失或受伤, contact a Museum Docent or Staff and/or go to the Entrance Patio ticket window.

查看地图到ASDM和停车场 (PDF)

You will receive a confirmation letter by email at least 7 days from the date you submit reservation. Your confirmation letter will confirm date and additional details of your reservation.

Have 单独的数 成人和学生/青年. Everyone must enter as a group to receive school/youth rate. 迟到者全额付款.

Students should bring hats and sunscreen and each person should have their own refillable water bottle.


Buses use bus‐loading zone near the picnic area to load and unload. 公共汽车必须停在公共汽车/房车停车场. 公共汽车司机免费入场. Remember: keep all food on buses until it is your scheduled lunchtime if eating at the picnic area. Make sure all chaperones know what time to meet back at your bus or picnic ramada at the end of your visit.

Teacher/Group Leader should proceed to the ticket window to pay for the group. Provide an accurate head count for students and adult chaperones. A Museum Staff/Volunteer will then greet and give instructions of where to unload and quickly go over rules and behavior expectations. 如果您的行程包括黄貂鱼之触或戏剧项目, 你会得到额外的指示.

We expect the number of students and adult count may change by a few. 请立即与推荐一个买球网站联系并提供最新信息. If cancellation 制造了超过 15 days 从预定日期起,将收取$25的行政费. No refunds 能在15天内完成吗. Please notify us as soon as possible of a cancellation or change. 联系电话:520-883-3025或电子邮件:

没有演出或取消 with less than 24-hour notice may be billed full amount and/or denied future reservations.

戏剧节目: 视情况而定, 领导者可以选择缩短表演时间, 但不能改期. The school/youth group will be billed for the entire amount of the reserved program fee.

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A donation of any size will help sustain our educational efforts. 只需选择- - - 教育,保护,科学,研究 为您指定.