View of a blue sky criss-crossed with wispy white clouds, taken from the Overlook

ASDM Position on Climate Change

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum believes it is important to acknowledge the latest information and conclusions about climate change, which are based on data collected by thousands of people around the world, analyses by hundreds of scientists, and syntheses from experts in the field. Earth’s climate is changing — getting warmer on average — and the components of the atmosphere have changed as well, especially increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂), as well as increases in other greenhouse gases. Based on the scientific community’s understanding of the processes that underlie global ecosystem functions, these increased greenhouse gas concentrations result primarily from human activities and are the principal drivers of recent and rapid changes to the earth’s climate. Climate warming is occurring faster and is more pronounced in the Southwest than in most areas of the world.

Climate change impacts natural ecosystems and wildlife everywhere. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a trusted institution through which hundreds of thousands of people annually learn about and come to value our region and its natural setting and resident wildlife. By communicating about the impacts of climate change on plants, animals, habitats, and people, ASDM can play an important role in inspiring people to understand the climate challenges we face and to take action that will help decrease atmospheric CO₂ concentrations to protect humanity and our environmental heritage.

For more information about climate change and its impacts, please consult one of many available resources, including:

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